Monday, 25 November 2013

Tarte tatin

Here is a wonderful Tarte tatin that room 11 made it.  We had ice cream too.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tarta tatin

Here is a whole tarte tatin. We had to share it with our group. We put Pomegranate in it. The Pomegranate was so yum a looked good

Time to move

This game is call time to move. This game help you learn how to measure how big is the fish. This fish is nine units long. This fish was so big that it has to go in to the big fish tank. The little fish goes into the small fish tank. If you wanna play this just try it out so you can be good at your measure. So try it out now for free.

Friday, 8 November 2013


Walt: write a narrative
2.Use words to paint a picture.
3.Use senses.


One extreme night Jason went and byed two boxes of fireworks. One they did on monday and one for this extreme night. There next door was dumb because when they light it up it went in to their plants and it was on fire. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. They got a bit of water and put it on the fire. The fire went out. There mums plants was burn into little black pieces.

Then Jason mum came outside to look at her plants if it was still standing. As she went outside she was so disappointed that her wonderful plants was destroyed. So she told no more fireworks now. Jason was so mad that they have to just watch boring old tv. It was tuesday Jasons mum went to fix her fallows. She was still planting and planting to finish her gadin. Jason went outside to her.

She finish planting. Jason told her if they can do fire today she said yes you can do fireworks. They had to wait for a very long time so it can be night time. It was time to do there  fireworks. He looked at the beautiful fireworks shooting out for long. Jason didn’t like the smell of the smoke coming out from it.

There fireworks was done. They had a great time and they all went to sleep. He said
“did we all had a great time”. “Yes” they all said

The theme was to never do firework at the backyard.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The new baby kiwi that got lost

Walt: Write a narrative in sequence.
    2.use words to paint a picture

One lovely night there was a new baby Kiwi who was sleeping in his cage. He woke up and ate his food and went outside. He was just walking around and around looking for some more food. He saw something coming out. It was a worm. He ran fast as he could to get it so he could eat it. I got it he
said to himself . He ate it he swallowed it and he loved it. He went to look for more. He found two and ate it.     

Suddenly he got lost. He didn't know where to go. He was frightened. He didn't know how to get back to the zoo. He saw something coming to him. He didn't know what was it. So he ran and ran and ran trying to go home so he can be safe and warmer. He found a small cave where he could sleep. He ran slowly because he was tired. He was so cold and alone. He missed his mum and brothers and his sister and his home too.

It was day time but he was still tired so he slept for just one minute. He woke up and saw a cat and ran. He saw his foot marks and followed them. The zoo was closed by. The cat got tired and went away like he was scared. The baby kiwi made it to his home. His mum,brother and sister were so happy to see him alive and not hurt.

He had grown up. The zookeeper saw them eating and didn’t know what had happened. The kiwi’s name was Jason and he was five years old. He was safe.

Theme to never leave the door open.                 

Friday, 1 November 2013


           G.I.S WINs

It a real competition it a real competition
you no badminton. Look at
me getting all
the goods fitting the shuttle
up up in the sky.
I hear them clapping for me
saying go kaho
go. I hit it over the net. Yes i finally got one point.
I ran and ran to hit the shuttle.
I didn't i didn't
my fans are going away. The other around they
came back to watch me play.
I won i won the cup. Yes they scream yes yes yes!.

By Kaho

Collecting bata

This game is called collecting bata. We have to fold which one that will
be right. so try this game out.

Ed or ing

This game is called ed and ing. You have to get all the answer right. If you get one wrong you get 80% but if you get all of them right you get 100%. You can see that i am very good at this game. So try this game out. If it to hard for don't play this.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Sore frot

Tony has a sore frot 

Tony Ryall

This is Britney Talking to Tony Ryall. 

Marae visit

Room 11 went to the Marae visit and we saw Tony Ryall.

Grab the bug

This game that i have being playing is called grab the bug. There a rooms that you have to complete. The rooms start from one to six. We have to make a bar graph. The one that was the biggest was the green then the yellow. The least one was the red and blue. If you a good at make a graph so try this game out.

Fireman saves the day

One morning there was a fire at home. Jason and his family was scared because they couldn't get out of the burning house. Their house was smoking. The  people came as fast as they could to look at the fire. But luckily their next door neighbour, Nathin called 111. The fireman's received a call for help. They told Jason that they were on the way.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger every minute. Jason and his family were getting frightened. Even the people outside were getting frightened too. There was  no fear  because the heroes had come to save the day. “Yes,” the people said. Four firemen came to save Jason and his family. They quickly turn on the hose.

One firemen kicked the door. Boom the the door opened. He ran inside.He saw the them. He said, “Run! Run the house is going to full down.” They quickly ran outside. The fire happened when Jason turn on the stow and Jason went to sleep.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

Kaho acting

Kaho was acting 

Sport camp logo

This was our logo for sport camp 

Vision of My Future

Sports camp

Sports camp

On the fast day we took all our staff of the bus. We sprinted it to our cabin and jump on our the we all rush out. We got our lunch staff it up our mouth like we were pigs. We to the field to begin cross country.

Me,Kelvin,Ten and Lasa was in it. We ran as fast like the wind to cross the line. My leg getting tired. But i didn’t give up so kept on running and running. I saw Ten and Lasa running and trying to cross the line. We were done with cross country. Mr Hendricks  ran and ran to look for Devonn. Mr Hendricks told me to go to golf so i did.

The last day of sport was hot. We played soccer for 7 or  6 minutes. Then andrew came and surprise us. He told us that we a going to  the water slide. It was amazing and crazy on the slide. Trey,chloe, and i went together and did the super man. We went so fast that the wind was trying to catch up. Boom! we splattered to the pool. We said man that was mean. So we ran all the way up to have a turn on to the power slide

No the bus has arrived. So we pack all our staff and pot it in the bus. It was time to go. I was asleep in the bus. We a back to school all kids was happy to see us.  

Thursday, 19 September 2013


This game is a very easy game and also called certain,probable. It was so easy that i hadn't got anything wrong. I got 76 point when i was playing. It fun too. I think my teacher should give us hard work then this.


In stage fives work it was easy for me because it was only timetables and basic fact  and some devid. But i only made two mistakes on the stage five work. It didn't took that long cause i know my times,basic fact and devid  

Cubes in abag

This game is an outstanding game to play and is very turkey game to . Chase and i have to guess if it will be certain,probable,unlikely or impossible. Chase and i played it and Chase had more than me. So i kept on playing and playing. So i can get better and better. I like play this game because it can help me.       

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tony Williams

Walt: report on Tony Williams

Tony William’s first published book was “Fizz wildest boy in the universe.”in 1996.He is an author in New Zealand. He is a comedian,poet, director, and a filmmaker. He is the author of 37  books. He is an entertaining educator and a speaker.He has visited about 500 school in New Zealand. Mr williams is an eager to visit more school to show the students the English Haka.

Calculate probability

This game is call calculate probability. it is a really easy game. But it was a little bit hard for me. But i  really got the hang of it. I like paying it because it helps me understand probability. I and Chase was trying to just get one right but he didn’t. We only got two right. We Keep on trying and trying.


Today the purple group have being doing a survey about chocolate,sport and hobbies. I did a survey about chocolate. The most popular was other. Then the next one was l&p chocolate. Then caramel chocolate and the least popular was Chocolate with nuts and dark chocolate.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Milk in schools

Walt:share how  My thoughts on milk in school.

Milk can give you strong bones and makes you faster.It also help control your blood pressure and glasses of milk provide about half the protein kids need each day. Bones have a very important job. They support the whole weight of our bodies so that we can stand up, sit down, and move around. milk also have vitamin  which is a hormone that helps our bodies control how much calcium we get from foods. people don’t drink milk at all after their early childhood years.

Read a table

This game is called read a table. The game was a little bit hard Because i got 4 wrong and 19 right. My time was 4 minute and 36 second. Then i played again and i got nothin wrong. I had some help from chase. If you already played this game try it out again.

As fast as the wind

Walt: discuss the problem and the solutions in sequence.

As fast as the wind

the problem was that Te Aho couldn't go to sleep. He was scared to play rugby at his new school. He had breakfast then went to his new school. On lunchtime they all lined up to go and play rugby. Someone from the team passed the ball to him. Te Aho ran as fast like the wind to get a try and he did. After school he went home and told koro what happen. He said that he ran fast like the wind and that how he got the try. Te Aho started to like his new school now. Because he liked playing rugby every day and like to challenge other school. Te Aho was very happy to go to a new school now.  

Tally chart

today i have been playing a new game called tally chart. it was a very cool game to play because it hapless me learn more fraction. It will make me better. I think you will try to complete this game. so try it out no.    

cross country

Walt: write a rap/poem.
Cross Country
Run run as fast as i can seeing all the lazy people.
lazy people lazy people walking down the street saying go kaho go.
I’m so fast i can sprint all the way.
I run and run couldn’t stop trying to came 1st or 2end.
They clap and clap watching me run.
Even cheerleaders came to cheer.
When i was running heard the cheerleaders saying let go kaho let go.
I ran as fast as i could even the gingerbread man couldn't catch up.
I see i see the finish line.
oh no oh no i’m slowing my leg is giving up.
so i walk walk for just a minute and here comes trey.
So I sprint and sprint to cross the finish and did.

I won i won this is the greatest day ever.  

Friday, 5 July 2013

Thursday, 30 May 2013


 The sphinx is like the mumme that died are long time ago. The Great Sphinx that is part of the Giza pyramid complex is one of Egypt's most famous symbols.The body of the Great Sphinx is a lion that measures 240 feet 73 meters long and 66 feet 20 meters high.The head is roughly 13 1/2 feet 4 meters wide. It has a man's head that some believe is a portrait of Pharaoh Khafre.



Tutankhamun was only eight or nine when he became ruler. Tut was king for only ten years and he ruled from 1333 BC to 1324 BC.Tutankhamun’s father, akhenaten died then Tut took over and his mom’s name was Nefertiti.Tutankhamun was married to Nefertiti.

Tutankhamun died when he was just eighteen year old.Tutankhamun got murder with are blow to the back of his head.