Friday, 25 October 2013

Sore frot

Tony has a sore frot 

Tony Ryall

This is Britney Talking to Tony Ryall. 

Marae visit

Room 11 went to the Marae visit and we saw Tony Ryall.

Grab the bug

This game that i have being playing is called grab the bug. There a rooms that you have to complete. The rooms start from one to six. We have to make a bar graph. The one that was the biggest was the green then the yellow. The least one was the red and blue. If you a good at make a graph so try this game out.

Fireman saves the day

One morning there was a fire at home. Jason and his family was scared because they couldn't get out of the burning house. Their house was smoking. The  people came as fast as they could to look at the fire. But luckily their next door neighbour, Nathin called 111. The fireman's received a call for help. They told Jason that they were on the way.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger every minute. Jason and his family were getting frightened. Even the people outside were getting frightened too. There was  no fear  because the heroes had come to save the day. “Yes,” the people said. Four firemen came to save Jason and his family. They quickly turn on the hose.

One firemen kicked the door. Boom the the door opened. He ran inside.He saw the them. He said, “Run! Run the house is going to full down.” They quickly ran outside. The fire happened when Jason turn on the stow and Jason went to sleep.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

Kaho acting

Kaho was acting 

Sport camp logo

This was our logo for sport camp 

Vision of My Future

Sports camp

Sports camp

On the fast day we took all our staff of the bus. We sprinted it to our cabin and jump on our the we all rush out. We got our lunch staff it up our mouth like we were pigs. We to the field to begin cross country.

Me,Kelvin,Ten and Lasa was in it. We ran as fast like the wind to cross the line. My leg getting tired. But i didn’t give up so kept on running and running. I saw Ten and Lasa running and trying to cross the line. We were done with cross country. Mr Hendricks  ran and ran to look for Devonn. Mr Hendricks told me to go to golf so i did.

The last day of sport was hot. We played soccer for 7 or  6 minutes. Then andrew came and surprise us. He told us that we a going to  the water slide. It was amazing and crazy on the slide. Trey,chloe, and i went together and did the super man. We went so fast that the wind was trying to catch up. Boom! we splattered to the pool. We said man that was mean. So we ran all the way up to have a turn on to the power slide

No the bus has arrived. So we pack all our staff and pot it in the bus. It was time to go. I was asleep in the bus. We a back to school all kids was happy to see us.