Monday, 25 November 2013

Tarte tatin

Here is a wonderful Tarte tatin that room 11 made it.  We had ice cream too.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tarta tatin

Here is a whole tarte tatin. We had to share it with our group. We put Pomegranate in it. The Pomegranate was so yum a looked good

Time to move

This game is call time to move. This game help you learn how to measure how big is the fish. This fish is nine units long. This fish was so big that it has to go in to the big fish tank. The little fish goes into the small fish tank. If you wanna play this just try it out so you can be good at your measure. So try it out now for free.

Friday, 8 November 2013


Walt: write a narrative
2.Use words to paint a picture.
3.Use senses.


One extreme night Jason went and byed two boxes of fireworks. One they did on monday and one for this extreme night. There next door was dumb because when they light it up it went in to their plants and it was on fire. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. They got a bit of water and put it on the fire. The fire went out. There mums plants was burn into little black pieces.

Then Jason mum came outside to look at her plants if it was still standing. As she went outside she was so disappointed that her wonderful plants was destroyed. So she told no more fireworks now. Jason was so mad that they have to just watch boring old tv. It was tuesday Jasons mum went to fix her fallows. She was still planting and planting to finish her gadin. Jason went outside to her.

She finish planting. Jason told her if they can do fire today she said yes you can do fireworks. They had to wait for a very long time so it can be night time. It was time to do there  fireworks. He looked at the beautiful fireworks shooting out for long. Jason didn’t like the smell of the smoke coming out from it.

There fireworks was done. They had a great time and they all went to sleep. He said
“did we all had a great time”. “Yes” they all said

The theme was to never do firework at the backyard.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The new baby kiwi that got lost

Walt: Write a narrative in sequence.
    2.use words to paint a picture

One lovely night there was a new baby Kiwi who was sleeping in his cage. He woke up and ate his food and went outside. He was just walking around and around looking for some more food. He saw something coming out. It was a worm. He ran fast as he could to get it so he could eat it. I got it he
said to himself . He ate it he swallowed it and he loved it. He went to look for more. He found two and ate it.     

Suddenly he got lost. He didn't know where to go. He was frightened. He didn't know how to get back to the zoo. He saw something coming to him. He didn't know what was it. So he ran and ran and ran trying to go home so he can be safe and warmer. He found a small cave where he could sleep. He ran slowly because he was tired. He was so cold and alone. He missed his mum and brothers and his sister and his home too.

It was day time but he was still tired so he slept for just one minute. He woke up and saw a cat and ran. He saw his foot marks and followed them. The zoo was closed by. The cat got tired and went away like he was scared. The baby kiwi made it to his home. His mum,brother and sister were so happy to see him alive and not hurt.

He had grown up. The zookeeper saw them eating and didn’t know what had happened. The kiwi’s name was Jason and he was five years old. He was safe.

Theme to never leave the door open.                 

Friday, 1 November 2013


           G.I.S WINs

It a real competition it a real competition
you no badminton. Look at
me getting all
the goods fitting the shuttle
up up in the sky.
I hear them clapping for me
saying go kaho
go. I hit it over the net. Yes i finally got one point.
I ran and ran to hit the shuttle.
I didn't i didn't
my fans are going away. The other around they
came back to watch me play.
I won i won the cup. Yes they scream yes yes yes!.

By Kaho

Collecting bata

This game is called collecting bata. We have to fold which one that will
be right. so try this game out.

Ed or ing

This game is called ed and ing. You have to get all the answer right. If you get one wrong you get 80% but if you get all of them right you get 100%. You can see that i am very good at this game. So try this game out. If it to hard for don't play this.