Thursday, 19 September 2013


This game is a very easy game and also called certain,probable. It was so easy that i hadn't got anything wrong. I got 76 point when i was playing. It fun too. I think my teacher should give us hard work then this.


In stage fives work it was easy for me because it was only timetables and basic fact  and some devid. But i only made two mistakes on the stage five work. It didn't took that long cause i know my times,basic fact and devid  

Cubes in abag

This game is an outstanding game to play and is very turkey game to . Chase and i have to guess if it will be certain,probable,unlikely or impossible. Chase and i played it and Chase had more than me. So i kept on playing and playing. So i can get better and better. I like play this game because it can help me.       

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tony Williams

Walt: report on Tony Williams

Tony William’s first published book was “Fizz wildest boy in the universe.”in 1996.He is an author in New Zealand. He is a comedian,poet, director, and a filmmaker. He is the author of 37  books. He is an entertaining educator and a speaker.He has visited about 500 school in New Zealand. Mr williams is an eager to visit more school to show the students the English Haka.

Calculate probability

This game is call calculate probability. it is a really easy game. But it was a little bit hard for me. But i  really got the hang of it. I like paying it because it helps me understand probability. I and Chase was trying to just get one right but he didn’t. We only got two right. We Keep on trying and trying.


Today the purple group have being doing a survey about chocolate,sport and hobbies. I did a survey about chocolate. The most popular was other. Then the next one was l&p chocolate. Then caramel chocolate and the least popular was Chocolate with nuts and dark chocolate.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Milk in schools

Walt:share how  My thoughts on milk in school.

Milk can give you strong bones and makes you faster.It also help control your blood pressure and glasses of milk provide about half the protein kids need each day. Bones have a very important job. They support the whole weight of our bodies so that we can stand up, sit down, and move around. milk also have vitamin  which is a hormone that helps our bodies control how much calcium we get from foods. people don’t drink milk at all after their early childhood years.

Read a table

This game is called read a table. The game was a little bit hard Because i got 4 wrong and 19 right. My time was 4 minute and 36 second. Then i played again and i got nothin wrong. I had some help from chase. If you already played this game try it out again.

As fast as the wind

Walt: discuss the problem and the solutions in sequence.

As fast as the wind

the problem was that Te Aho couldn't go to sleep. He was scared to play rugby at his new school. He had breakfast then went to his new school. On lunchtime they all lined up to go and play rugby. Someone from the team passed the ball to him. Te Aho ran as fast like the wind to get a try and he did. After school he went home and told koro what happen. He said that he ran fast like the wind and that how he got the try. Te Aho started to like his new school now. Because he liked playing rugby every day and like to challenge other school. Te Aho was very happy to go to a new school now.  

Tally chart

today i have been playing a new game called tally chart. it was a very cool game to play because it hapless me learn more fraction. It will make me better. I think you will try to complete this game. so try it out no.    

cross country

Walt: write a rap/poem.
Cross Country
Run run as fast as i can seeing all the lazy people.
lazy people lazy people walking down the street saying go kaho go.
I’m so fast i can sprint all the way.
I run and run couldn’t stop trying to came 1st or 2end.
They clap and clap watching me run.
Even cheerleaders came to cheer.
When i was running heard the cheerleaders saying let go kaho let go.
I ran as fast as i could even the gingerbread man couldn't catch up.
I see i see the finish line.
oh no oh no i’m slowing my leg is giving up.
so i walk walk for just a minute and here comes trey.
So I sprint and sprint to cross the finish and did.

I won i won this is the greatest day ever.