Friday, 14 February 2014

Fifita's new broom

Walt: Write an explanation

One day at Fifita’s school at Tonga his teacher told him it was his turn sweep the classroom. The teacher broom was too big and heavy for Fifita. So Fifita is going to make his own broom.

First Fifita went to are old coconut tree and saw a big frond just laying on the  ground. So Fifita carried the big fronds home and started cutting the fronds off. Fifita’s auntie came and helped him make the perfect broom for him because had to classroom.

Next Fifita went and use a knife and went to grab his very own frond that he found under an big coconut tree. Then Fifita Cut out the fronds off because he only need the spine to make his broom. His auntie helped him to cut out the frond.          

Then Fifita’s auntie came with a wooden handle to make Fifita’s broom for school to make his classroom nice and clean. Secondly Fifita had a string to tie up his broom. So his auntie tied it for him.

Finally Fifita was very proud that he made his own broom so he sweep his classroom. The teacher was happy that he made his own broom. Fifita went home with a big smile at his face.    


Munokoa said...

Good morning. Gaho I have read your story about Fifita making his own broom. I heard that Fifita untie came with a wooden handle to do some staff I really liked your story keep it up.

Samuel said...

Hello Kaho,
I enjoy reading your writing about Fifita's broom. It must of taken hours for Fifita to make a broom. If you ever go to tonga, are you going to make a broom like Fifita's?

Zheiyna R said...
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Zheiyna R said...

Hey Kaho, I'm Zheiyna from St Pius Xth Catholic School. I attended the Cyber Bullying Show at your school last Friday.
The piece of writing about Fifita's broom is cool. I just think that you could have added more complexity to your writing. :) It'll be great it you could check out my blog sometime.

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